Friday, August 1, 2008

Idea #66

A crowd is gathered in the center of the news bullpen. Ron walks in and notices the crowd. They don't notice him. There is a cheer.

(to himself)
But, I'm over here.

Ron walks over to the crowd and pushes his way through. He sees Brian near the front.


Ron, come up here. You have to see this.

Ron gets to the front and finds Brick sitting in front of the television playing Pong. He does not miss.

Brick hasn't missed once. He's been playing all night. He hasn't eaten, gone to the bathroom. I don't think he's blinked. 

Brick, you ok?

Brick doesn't answer.

He's in some kind of zone. Watch.

Brian walks up and waves his hand in front of Brick's face. Nothing changes. He tickles Brick's nose. Nothing. Champ walks up.

I got it.

Champ punches Brick in the face. He leans over due to the force of the punch but leans right back and continues playing.

That's incredible.
How's he going to do the weather?

I don't know.

Cut to the news telecast and Ron is sitting in the anchor chair.

We not turn it over to Brick Tamland with weather.

Cut to Brick staring blank-faced at the screen. The weather map is behind him and Brian is standing next to him.

Champ (O.C.)
(in a high-pitched, sounds nothing like Brick-voice)
The weather's nice out. Over here...

Brian lifts Brick's arms holding the controller to California.

Champ (O.C.)
(in same voice as before)
it's 74. Back to you, Ron.

Brian points Brick's arms towards Ron.

Cut to Ron staring blankly off camera in the direction of where Brick was. He gathers himself and smiles at the camera.

Don't go away. We'll be right back.

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