Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Idea #40

Ron's third PSA pitch (see Idea #30 and Idea #34):

The setting is the park. Champ is wearing a giant, round bubble. It is crudely painted to look like the Earth. His arms and legs extend out from holes in the bubble.

Scene 1 - Earth Champ runs over to a jogger and throws a soda can at him.

Scene 2 - He throws a ketchup packet at a woman sitting on a bench and quickly runs away.

Scene 3 - He knocks over a man playing fetch with his dog. Earth Champ pins the man to the ground and stuffs a piece of paper in his mouth. Earth Champ leans over the man's face.

Earth Champ
How do you like it? Huh?

The man makes muffled noises through the paper. Earth Champ makes a hocking noise indicating a loogie is imminent. Ron steps into frame blocking Earth Champ and the man.

It's not so much fun when the situation's reversed, is it?

The spit sound is heard from behind Ron.

Hi, I'm Ron Burgundy telling you, "Don't litter. It pisses off the Earth." Stay classy.

Ron smiles at the camera while the woman from Scene 2 runs in and starts hitting Champ with her purse. Ron turns around to help as it fades to black.

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