Thursday, June 12, 2008

Idea #20

Still in love with Veronica and angry that she's dating, of all people, Wes Mantooth (See Idea #12), Ron sets out to get her back by slipping news items into the broadcast.

This just in: Veronica looks lovely today.

When we return: Wes Mantooth robs a liquor store.

After the break: Is Veronica Corningstone returning to her old position? Coanchor of my Heart? Stay tuned.

Scientists have found that all men named Wes have really small penises.

Wes Mantooth has the same credit rating as The Human Torch.

Wes Mantooth doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom.

Wes Mantooth is spotted eating a reuben with russian dressing on it. Looks like someone's picking sides in the Cold War.

Wes Mantooth kicks a baby zebra at the zoo. Was this caught on tape? No, but trust me, he kicked that baby zebra right in his baby zebra nards.

Wes Mantooth took a dump on Lincoln's grave.

Wes Mantooth has the clap in two different places on his body. Doctors are baffled.

Wes Mantooth is voted Worst Man of All Time by Time Magazine.

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